Saturday 4 July 2015

EU Data Protection Regulation - 3 versions so far

updated: 2nd August 2015

The new proposed EU Data Regulation is slowly moving its way through the machines of EU democracy. Here are links to the 3 proposals so far from various bits of the EU bureaucracy. Useful if you want to compare them.

Updated to include a link to the European Data Protection Supervisor opinion on the various proposals. There is also a link to an App of big pdf containing a side-by-side comparison plus the Supervisor's recommendation

EU Commission - 25th January 2012 

The original European Commission version is at:

The general announcement is at:

EU Parliament - 12th March 2014

The amended European Parliament version is at:

EU Presidency to Council  - 11th June 2015

This is the version submitted by the EU presidency to the European Council

EU Data Protection Supervisor  - Opinion of July 27th 2015

This is the opinion plus comparison of the various versions

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