Saturday 8 October 2011

Installing Hacking-Lab Live CD

In preparation for the OWASP Switzerland meeting on October 11th you should try to install the Hacking-Lab live CD.

These are the simple steps I followed on a Windows 7 laptop.

  • Dowload the Virtual Appliance OVA file to your laptop
  • Download and install the Oracle Virtual Box  application onto your laptop
  • Double-click the .ova file through Windows Explorer and the appliance import process should commence on the Virtual Box application. You should see something like Fig 1:
Fig. 1: Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager

  •  In  theVirtual Box Manager left-hand pane double-click on the LiveCD-Hacking-Lab-V5.55 entry. The LiveCD should start and after a short while  the Welcome screen as shown in Fig 2 should appear.
Fig 2: Welcome Screen
You should be ready to go now at the OWASP meeting.

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  1. Thanks for your link, i am just starting with this lab!

  2. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... Hacking Forum