Monday 13 June 2011

Developing Securely for SmartPhones - A few Key Principles

At AppSecEU last week, I attended Dan Cornell's (Denim Group)  presentation  on Security Testing Mobile Applications. You can view the slide deck on the Denim Group blog.

Basically, Dan demonstrated how you can "root" the smartphone and then reverse engineer the application to do whatever you want. Slide 6 shows a "Generic Mobile Application Threat Model" for a SmartPhone app connecting to an enterprise application.  It shows the following threats:
  1. Malicious User
  2. Malicious User (bypassing Mobile Client)
  3. Malicious Mobile Application
  4. 3rd Party Services (Possibly Malicious)
Nr. 2 is where a malicious user bypasses the smartphone completely and attacks the enterprise web services which the smartphone uses.

Nr. 3 is a malicious application which is installed on the smartphone and can interfere with other installed applications.

Nr. 4 is where the smartphone connects to 3rd party services which have been compromised.

Key Principles

So what  are the lessons when developing enterprise type apps for smart phones? Here are a few thoughts. These are based in part on a short conversation I had with Dan after his talk*.

  1. Treat the smartphone as an "untrusted device".
  2. If possible, don't store confidential information on the phone. 
  3. Develop your web services securely, as an attacker may discover the web services and attack them directly - bypassing the smartphone completely.
  4. Your web services should validate any input data and perform the necessary authorisation, access control, business logic checks etc.. Any validation performed on the phone should be repeated by the web service
  5. Use SSL to prevent man-in-the-middle type attacks.

* These may not be an accurate reflection of Dan's views!

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