Sunday 1 February 2015

Application Security and Governance Task List

Last Update: 29th June 2015


I have put together an Application Security and Governance Task List (See Useful Links below). This is an Excel Online document which can be viewed through any regular browser or downloaded and used in Microsoft  Excel which you should be able to use through most browsers. For those in a hurry, the Task List is under the tab 2-Task List
Task List

It gives a fairly high level list of tasks that should be considered at the start of a development project. It covers both security and more governance type issues.

 It is divided into a number of categories. Under each category, there are a number of tasks.

Use it just to browse the list of tasks and maybe spot some item which you had not already considered.. You can do this through your browser. The task list itself is in tab 2 - Task List in the spreadsheet.
Excel Expand/Collapse

You can also download it as an Excel spreadsheet and modify it in Excel. Use the Open in Excel or File|Save As  options in Excel Online for this. Columns D to G could come in useful here to track what needs to be done.

Use the Excel Expand and Collapse options on the Left Hand Side to show and hide the tasks.

Note: This is currently in Beta mode.

Useful Links

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